Interactions between Tutors & Parents

Interactions between Tutors & Parents

Parents may ‘stop by’ at the end of the day with the knowledge that most tutors will be occupied and will not be able to entertain an impromptu meeting with them. It is more appropriate to make an appointment with the relevant Coordinator's office so that the required ground work may be done in advance and a meeting arranged with the appropriate tutor. STAR SCHOOL has developed a tutorial system that provides each student with a caring adult to guide them.

Highly-dedicated and experienced tutors sensitive to the needs and problems of young children are appointed as Grade tutor. Each Grade tutor has a group of students in his/her care. In the middle and secondary schools, the Grade tutor is a source of Academic and Pastoral care and is responsible for the welfare, personal development and discipline of his/her ward. She/he is the first line of reference if a student has a problem or is an underachiever.

Grade Tutors will regularly liaise with parents to discuss progress, problems and successes of individual students. Parents are required to address their concerns to the grade tutors. Parent-teacher interactions are announced in the school calendar with prior intimation given through a circular. These meetings are held specifically to discuss the academic performance of the children.

  • We expect that such interactions are attended by both the parents.
  • Teachers are not available during the school working hours. Kindly take prior appointment to meet the teachers on a working day.
  • Parents can also come on 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays with prior appointment.


It will always be our aim to communicate clearly and effectively with parents. Communication is a bipolar process and needs to be emphasized. If parents do not receive the information they need, they may ask ideas that aid in the development of the school are always invited / encouraged.

The school authorities should be informed in writing of changes in email/postal address, telephone or mobile numbers. As a general rule the first point of contact for information regarding a student should be the Grade Tutor. If the information required relates to boarding, the House Parent may be contacted. The Section Coordinator and the Principal can also be contacted.

Arrangements for appointments should be made with the Receptionist. The Principal should be contacted regarding requests for leave and confidential or grave problems.

Absence of Parents

If both the parents are temporarily away from their home overnight during term time, half term or occasional holidays, the Principal, must be informed in writing of the name, address and telephone number/s of a suitable legal guardian or other adult with whom the student will reside when not at School and who is willing and authorized by the parents to accept full responsibility for the student in all circumstances. These matters are the responsibility of the parents.


Parents who have cause for concern on any matter including matters of safety, care or quality of education must inform the Principal in writing immediately. The Parents and the School will be expected to resolve any dispute between them.