Admission Procedure

Admissions at STAR SCHOOL

Before applying for their ward’s admission to Star School, parents and guardians are advised to consider the following:

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    • Admission Policy
    • Admission Procedure
    • Fees (at the time of admission)
    • Withdrawal from Star School

Admission Policy

Subject to availability of seats, Star School offers education to all children. Normal minimum ages on 1st Jan in the year of entry are as follows: Reasonable exception is occasionally made to this policy at the discretion of the Principal. As the medium of instruction is English

Pre.KG 03+ L.K.G 04+ U.K.G 05+
I 06+ II 07+ III 08+
VII 12+ VIII 13+ IX 14+

up to grade 3, children are required to be able to understand the language comfortably. However, students admitted to the Middle School need to be fluent in English communication. Students whose English is below the required standard for the grade MUST enroll for additional language support lessons for which there is an additional charge. New students will normally not be admitted to Grade 10, i.e. in the middle of the two-year CBSE course.

Admission Procedure

Star School is an independent school and admission is entirely based on the school admission policy. Parents are requested to meet the Admissions Officer to know the admission process. Application for admission is made through the Admission Form with the printed Brochure available on

Admissions are made throughout the year, usually on the first Saturday of the month. In the absence of a vacancy in the desired grade, successful students will be waitlisted and considered for the first available seat. Parents are strongly advised to apply for admission to Star School as early as possible. Once admitted, parents will have to pay the stipulated fees. They also have to submit the transfer certificate, scholastic record, transcript and personal recommendation filled in by the existing school and supply the school with copies of the last two reports.

Parents have to submit the Date of Birth certificate, Transfer Certificate, and recent passport size photos 5. The school website also carries detailed information. For further admission inquiries email...

Fees (at the time of admission)

The fee structure of the school can be obtained from the Admissions Officer or downloaded from the school website. The fee structure is revised annually and amendments/escalations are hosted on the website at the appropriate time.

Withdrawal from Star School

  • Parents or Guardians are required to notify the Principal in writing of the withdrawal of the student. if this is to occur at any time other than the end of Grade 10 and Grade 12
  • Students who wish to apply for withdrawal from the school must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Administrator's Office. Until this is completed and signed, signifying all dues cleared and school property including text books / equipment in good condition returned, examination results, transfer certificates / recommendations to future schools / colleges will not be issued.
  • Students wishing to withdraw should give at least one month’s notice. Boarding students must give 3 months’ notice. Such notices should be given in writing and addressed to the Principal. Parents will be given a letter as a confirmation of such a withdrawal notice.
  • Parents, who are uncertain regarding the continuation of their child, may make a conditional withdrawal application giving three months’ notice.
  • A month’s fee will be charged in the event of withdrawal without notice
  • Any instrument / equipment / gadget or books, stationery and uniforms purchased from / through the school are non - returnable.
  • If a newly admitted child is withdrawn before the commencement of the academic term, 75% of the semester fee will be refunded.
  • Transfer/Leaving Certificates will only be issued once the student's dues to the school have been cleared and all school equipment / books are returned.
  • At the time of exit, unless the Principal receives a written request from the parent, he would be unable, for legal and ethical reasons, to respond to requests from prospective schools to invigilate entrance examinations or supply information about a student's academic progress.

fee payment schedule (cbse)

Installment Fee payment schedule
I 11 – 21 April, 15
II 11 – 21 Oct, 15
III 11 – 21 Dec, 16
*Late fee: 10 rupees per day *Fees are revised annually.