School Transport System

The school operates its buses on specific routes, depending on the number of students on the route. While we try our utmost to facilitate the best possible routes for our students, it may not always be possible to drop students at their doorstep or to accommodate requests for changes. Once a route has been finalized, no changes/diversions will be entertained, and parents are requested to co-operate. An addition to existing bus stops or revision of routes is entirely at the school's discretion. Details of the bus routes are available at the Reception. In the event that any special requests are to be made, parents are required to call the school, not the driver except during emergencies. In case of a change in your pick up/drop point contact the school authority in charge of transport.

Please ensure that you and your child understand the transport rules and that you encourage your child to follow them to ensure safety.


  • Please be at your designated stop a few minutes early; this enables the students to reach school on time. The vehicle will not wait at the stop after the specified time.
  • Find a seat and sit down immediately after boarding the school bus.
  • Remain in your seat throughout the entire journey.
  • Be courteous to the staff on the bus and follow instructions.
  • Remember that students represent their school; one must treat passersby and those in other vehicles with respect.
  • When disembarking from the school bus, students must ensure that they carry all their belongings.
  • Behave in a sensible manner whilst travelling in the bus. Do not disturb others especially the driver. Bad behaviour can cause accidents.
  • the staff in the bus in case of immediate transport related queries.

do not

  • Try to board or disembark from a moving bus; it may result in an accident.
  • Talk with the driver on a moving bus; it may cause accidents.
  • Try to open the door or stand while the bus is moving.
  • Throw waste or desecrate any part of the bus.
  • Do not damage or vandalize the bus in any way; this also includes graffiti or misusing the equipment provided.
  • Stand on the seats, If any damage is found in the vehicle, the guilty will be charged with the actual cost of repair / restoration in addition to a penalty of 50% of the cost of repair; if the name of the person the has caused the damage is not disclosed, this amount will be divided equally among all the passengers. Transport facilities will be withdrawn from students who are caught misbehaving or misusing the bus facilities.